Cambodian Lifestyle

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Family plays the most important part in each Cambodians' lives. Unlike in the West, family in Cambodia is the extended family of many generations. Family members stick together and solve the problem together.

They shared the close connection when going together during the times of joy or trouble: celebrating festivals, mourning deaths and solving disagreements. Elders are highly respected by their wisdom and experience. There is an interesting fact that whether Cambodian house is big or small, there are always a lot of people living inside. Cambodians love big family, as a result, they often give birth to many children (3-5 in the rural) and (2-3 in urban). They are always excited to talk about their children.

Village plays the second important in their lives. More than 80% of Cambodians follow traditional life style in the countryside. They live on farming the land or fishing to obtain their food. These farmers stick on almost their lives on a village. They and their families work on ancestor’s land from generation to generation. Cambodian farmers are very hard-working. Each early morning, farmer walk to the fields, carry their tools and lead their water buffalo or cattle. Until the sunset, they return to the shelter of the villages. All major events from birth – marriage – death of a Cambodia farmer occur with in the village.

Religion also makes up a great part of Cambodians’ lives. Villages or town are organized around the local temple or Wat. Monks are often the most respected members of the community.

Cambodians usually have three meals a day. Obviously, rice is the main food eaten nearly every meal and fish is the main source of protein. Traditional arts, especially dancing which performed at the palace and folk dancing are also a vital part of their lives.

Overall, Cambodians are quite conservative in preserving their traditional lives. They are quite very shy people but very warm and welcoming to visitors. Coming to Cambodia, visit will have chance to experience a very traditional Southeast Asian lifestyle and understand better about a new and unique culture.

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