Kampong Chhnang

Quick Facts:

  • Location: In the central of Cambodia, on the bank of the Tonle Sap Lake
  • Population: 471,616 ranks as the 13th largest in the nation.
  • Area: 75.6 people per sq. km
  • Notable characteristics: famous for clay pots and fishery.

Kampong Chhnang is located in the West bank of the Tonle Sap Lake at the heartland of Cambodia. This riverside city is connected to Phnom Penh by a national highway route and a railway. Thus, it is very easy for you to transfer from the capital city Phnom Penh to this lovely city.

In Khmer, Kampong Chhnang means “Port of Pottery”. As the name’s suggestion, this city is a port frequented by merchants who come to trade and buy the famous clay pots made there. Thanks to its favorable location, the city enjoys several good conditions for developing fishery and agriculture. Kampong Chhnang becomes an attractive destination not only for its spectacular rice paddy fields or plantations but also because of its notable tourist sites. One of the leading attractions of the town is the Phnom Da which is a popular nature preserve. Immerse yourself in the tranquil surrounding of shady trees and wildlife would be a lifetime experience for you. Otherwise, you can visit the celebrated tourist destination of Phnom Krang Romeas, a famous natural resort of Cambodia. This would be an ideal place for nature-lovers to visit. In this special resort, you can escape from the hum drum of city life and refresh your mind with the songs of birds. You can pay a visit to another natural reserve called Phnom Neang Kang Rey. It is a little wonderland with giant trees and flowering plants. If you are interested in history and traditional culture of Cambodia, you can make a choice of seeing Phnom Rabbat. This site locates about 12 kilometers south of Kampong Chhnang provincial town. This pot is related to the Ta Preng legend in Cambodia folklore. Come here, you can see a footprint of the hermit Ta Prohm and a pagoda in the mountaintop. Or you should not miss the Phnom Santouch which offers you excellent points of interest like a large stone related to Khmer legend, and beautiful scenery that is popular with photographers and filmmakers and a panoramic view of the Great Lake Tonle Sap. Other beauty spots in the town such as Phnom Roap Bat, Phnom Ta Ind, and Phnom Ta Pi, are very great to see.

The beauty of Kampong Chhnang goes far beyond the famous natural reserves or the charm of the Khmer people's simple life. Its noted wonderful cuisine truly connects to the Cambodian elegance. Perhaps, the most outstanding dish is Cambodian curry which appears red and spicy but it is actually sweet.

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