Kirirom National Park, Sihanoukville

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Kirirom National Park is Cambodia's first official national park. It is located in Phnom Srouch district in the province of Kampong Speu in the Elephant Mountains. Kirirom extends over the eastern part of the Cardamon Moutains and lies at 675m above the sea level. The park has been open to visitors since 1997 and covers an impressive 800 acres. It owed its name which means Mountain of Joy to the king Monivong in the 1930s.Many local city dwellers travel here on the weekend, spending the night amid lush forest and pine groves. The park is really well worth the effort of reaching for its almost alpine scenery, crisp mountain air and Chambok a community-based ecotourism site.

It is a fact that Kirirom is one of the few national parks to have a nearby community tourism programme. Set just beyond the park boundaries, Chambok Community-based Ecotourism programme is based in Chambok village, where attractions include a 40m-high waterfall, traditional ox-cart rides and nature walks.

Now, Kirirom is home to a variety of endangered species including pleated gibbon, Asian elephant, deer, gaur, banteng, leopard, spotted lingsang, sun bear and tiger.
It is also an ideal spot to glimpse some of the country's unique bird life and birdwatchers even come from overseas to visit. The national park is more interesting during or just after the rainy season, not that many fires on the ground and waterfalls having well water.Tourists can take a ride in the conventional ox-cart ride or hike along the walking trails among the pine trees.Also known as End of the World Mountain, pause for glimpses of black bears and unparalleled views of the Elephant Mountains and Cardamom MountainsAs you explore the park you will discover a number of pretty lakes and waterfalls which were once used as a refuge by the Khmer Rouge. There are food vendors located at various points throughout the park and this is the perfect place to stop for a picnic while you soak up the spectacular scenery.

Next to the visitor’s center are the ruins of a large old mansion. Pictured here is a tall, multi-part chimney on a foundation surrounded by a wooden deck that is falling dangerously apart. The house was a hot-season estate of Cambodia's King Sihanouk but it was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge who was not finally driven out of this area until 1992.

The park is a real paradise for tourists to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, experiencing a complete vacation while enjoying the Cambodia’s natural beauty

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