Koh Kong Islands

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Located near Koh Kong town, and is part of Koh Kong Province.
  • Status: Cambodia's largest island, sitting 22 km south of Koh Kong town
  • Religions: Buddhism
  • The divers tours centre
  • Many islands, mountains, jungles, rivers, waterfalls, a zoo, casino, and a lot more
  • The beautiful Koh Kong Island Resort

Being the largest island of Cambodia, Koh Kong is just 25km to the south of Krong Koh Kong. The island is also 22 km long and 6km wide. Koh Kong Island has an area of approximately 78 km2 and 43 km of beaches.

Secretly nested on the shore of a Cambodian exotic island, in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Kong Island Resort is a jewel of unique beauty, remotely set, and eco-friendly oriented. Currently, there are four small villages and also home to more than a dozen guesthouses and bungalows, many of them foreign-owned. Koh Rong has had a land concession granted by the Cambodian government. The Royal Group has been granted a 99-year lease and has plans to build "Asia’s first environmentally planned Resort Island. The latest season of the French "Survivor" television program Koh Lanta was filmed on Koh Rong, near Soksan village.

Koh Kong Island has up to seven pristine beaches, all of them along the western coast, get so few visitors that sand crabs scamper obliviously up and down the beach and the shoreline is dotted with colorful shells of the sort you usually see only in souvenir shops.However the beauty of Koh Rong is that besides activities on the island such as snorkelling, scuba diving and a somewhat bushwhacking trek through its dense jungles and swim in pristine waters or follow the sun’s arch while reading a good book, there are still few undeveloped island destinations better suited to explore. If you are lucky, you can even enjoy the half desert island, with few people, live with the locals, hence having really relax time.

On Koh Kong Island's eastern side, half-a-dozen forested hills - the highest towers 407m above the sea - drop steeply to the mangrove-lined coast. The fishing village of Alatan, the island's only settlement (for now), is on the southeast coast facing the northwest corner of Botum Sakor National Park.

Every day when you wake up in the morning, you'll feel like living in paradise, with white sand, long beach, many fishes and coral. Several of the beaches - lined with coconut palms and lush vegetation, just as you'd expect in a tropical paradise - are at the mouths of little streams. There are no roads, but only beaten tracks, you can walk into the amazing jungle or reach the beach you prefer.

Visiting Koh Kong Island is really good value for money, not only can you  a beautiful island but enjoy seeing a real starry sky, and feel the peace, having a complete holiday in Cambodia.

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