Koh Rong Island, Sihanoukville

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As Cambodia is mentioned, people immediately think of its Angkor complex as an obvious symbol of this country. They just forget about the blue water seas, white sandy beaches which are located humbly along the country. Believe it or not, Koh Rong Island is such a wonderful place like that.

As one of the best well-preserved island of Cambodia, Koh Rong has 28 soft white sandy beaches and has become one of the Cambodia’s famous touristic destinations. It is definitely the most beautiful island of the Kompong Som Region.

Koh Rong Island belongs to the Thailand Gulf, is far 20 km away from Shihanoukville. It takes visitors 2 hours sailing on the windy sea to reach the island, where the smooth sandy beach harmonizes with the turquoise blue sea, and the poetic background of the fresh tropical rainforest, making a colorful comprehensive picture.

Most of visitors come to Koh Rong to find a safe and sound place without noises, scrambles, and this land is an ideal paradise for their plan.

Right at the first sight, Koh Rong attracts visitors for its rich and plentiful sea fauna. You can easily book a diving tour at Dive Shop or any other hostels on the island with only $35-$50/person. You also can challenge yourself to go fishing inshore on a hired boat. Because there is no big fishing boat around, and the locals are satisfied with their well-off life so fishery is not concerned. Therefore, visitors can enjoy fishing time with fine awards.

Along the beaches, there are many famed resorts on the island like Paradise Bungalow, Monkey Island, Tree House, etc. There are also guesthouses with reasonable price of $10/person/night. Local restaurants are attractive to visitors for their big wooden tables setting right on the white sandy beaches, visitors can enjoy dishes and watch the sun goes down behind the forests at the same time. The greatest experience is that you can enjoy falling asleep in the evening and waking up in the morning with the sound of the waves lapping at your doorstep. 

The tourism value of Koh Rong is truly unmatched as visitors have an amazing opportunity to experience its various graceful beaches or to discover jungles which are full of wildlife and waterfalls.

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