Cambodia Overview

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The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in centre of Indochina Peninsula and shares border with Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest.

Cambodiais quite small country with total area of nearly 181,000 square kilometers and the population of 14.8 million. Cambodia has diverse topography which can be divided into 4 main regions: mountain and gulf coast beaches, offshore island in the west, huge lake and mountain in the north-western, Mekong Lowland can plains in the center, forest in the east.

Like Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate with 2 main reasons: dry season (November to April) and rainy season (May to October). Temperature in Cambodia ranges from 21 to 350C. It is a rich country in ecology which owns a wide variety of plants and animals in which many species are in preservation list. Much of this biodiversity is contained around the Tonle Sap Lake (the biggest lake in Indochina) and the surrounding biosphere with unique ecological phenomenon.

Cambodia has heroic history, passing long and miserable war time. Today, Cambodia is a peaceful country with most of population being Khmer (90%) and Buddhist followers (95%).  Suffering from misery and the pain in the past, however, Cambodians still look amazingly happy with shining smiles on their faces.

Coming to Cambodia, visitors can feel will once glorious civilization through the remaining marks: massive and magnificent Angkor which can be compared to Machu Picchu of Maya or Great Wall of Chinese, Bayon tower, statues with permanent smile on faces, etc.

Overall, Cambodia is a land of contradictions: the light and the dark, the epic and the tragedy, the pain of desperation and the aspiration for future. These ontradictions making the unique charm of Cambodia which promote any visitors desire of setting foot on this land.

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