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Coming with our Biking Tours, you will have chance to experience the best way to explore the real Cambodia with the perfect balance of historical and cultural sites,  the countryside, villages, beautiful scenery, adventure and great riding which makes amazing experience and draws nice memory in your life. Check in on our website and contact us as soon as possible for more information to have great experience.

  •  Arrive at Phnom Penh and have a joyful city tour
  •   Climb up to Wat Phnom – the highest point in Phnom Penh and to enjoy the beautiful sunset
  •   Enjoy beautiful natural landscape of countryside: immense fields, spectacular waterfalls, rugged mountains.
  •   Visit stunning Angkor temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Banteay Srey
  •   Witness religious rituals and understand deeper about Cambodians' beliefs
Experiences :
Only From $1,425
  •  Enjoy cycling along the Cambodia
  •   Take a boat cruise on the Mekong river
  •   Visit local villages and learn about their handicrafts
  •   Witness sophisticated architecture from old ruined temples
  •   Take a good view of the picturesque landscapes with endless paddy fields, vegetables fields...
Experiences :
Only From $761
  •  Visit must-see places in Cambodia:the capital of Khmer Empire, Bayon temple, Boeng Melea...
  •   Get insight into the Cambodian architecture...
  •   Witness the Angkor Wat - the Unesco World Heritage Site
  •   Visit 3 Angkor temples of Rolous Group
  •   Take a short cruise on Tonle Sap Lake
Experiences :
Only From $492
  •  Visit and explore Angkor Thom City with many attractions
  •   Visit Angkor Wat temple – one of two most famous complexes in Asian
  •   Take a boat trip reaching to Kampong Phluk Village – a floating village for sightseeing
  •   See the beautiful scenery of local life and Khmer Traditional houses
  •   Have a boat trip to watch the flooded and fascinating forest, unique beauty and floating houses
Experiences :
Only From $342
  •  Cycle around the countryside of Cambodia
  •   Witness a morning ritual monks
  •   Visit famous destinations in Cambodia including: holy Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, the symbol of Khmer civilization, the old capital of Cambodia
  •   Join different activites: Horse back riding, Quad bike tour...
  •   Take a short cruise along the Tonle Sap Lake
Experiences :
Only From $579
  •  Cycle from Bekchan to Phnom Chetarest and Oudong to have sightseeing and explore the local daily life
  •   Climb up to the temples on top of the hill in Oudong
  •   Cycle to striking hilltop pagoda of Phnom Sampeau and catch the sunset on the hilltop
  •   Visit the Ksach Puoy village on Sangker River
  •   Have sightseeing on boat along the Tonle Sap Lake
Experiences :
Only From $314
  •  Take a boat traveling along Mekong River for sightseeing.
  •   Cycle around Koh Dach Island and enjoy yourself with the peace and quiet.
  •   Cycle to Kampong Thom Province and have sightseeing around this area.
  •   Visit Sambor Prei Kuk – an ancient capital of Cambodia in 6th century.
Experiences :
Only From $271
  •  Visit Tonle Bati and temples of Ta Prohm with some remnants from the 12-13th century
  •   Cycle through the weaving villages and feel the peaceful environment of countryside
  •   Explore Phnom Da, the oldest city of Cambodia.
  •   Take a boat to Rabbit Island – a beautiful island for relaxing and sightseeing.
  •   Visit the ancient cave in Chngouk Mountain
Experiences :
Only From $310
  •  Cycle on the unpaved road from Bekchan to Oudong.
  •   Explore small Kampong Chhang village during the cycling tour through the local market.
  •   Have sightseeing of the temples, market, floating villages along the way.
Experiences :
Only From $201
  •  Cycle from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, across different beautiful places
  •   Visit most famous Angkor temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Angkor Borei, etc
  •   Experience floating lives on Tonle Sap Lake
  •   Relax on the unexploited beach in Sihanouk Ville
  •   Experience home-stay with friendly and hospitable locals
Experiences :
Only From $1,166

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