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Cambodia Essence Tour
Phnom Penh → Siem Reap

This tour is supposed to give you an unforgettable memory of the journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. During the time, visitors will have chance to travel through many beautiful places in Cambodia...

Tony Jaa
Travel Consultant
Cambodia to Vietnam Highlight Tour
Phnom Penh → Siem Reap → Tonle Sap Lake → Ho Chi Minh → Mekong Delta → Danang → Hoi An → Hue → Hanoi → Halong Bay → Hanoi

This tour will bring you to the most beautiful places in Cambodia and Vietnam. You may get overwhelmed by holy and palatial Angkor Wat in Cambodia...

Huong Le
Travel Consultant
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Cambodia is located in the center of Indochina, being highlighted with the capital of Phnom Penh with the pavement cafes and riverside beautiful sceneries. Travelling to Cambodia, tourists cannot miss a journey to discover the Angkor Wat - one of the most significant architectural wonders of the world...



Mr.Justin Hardisty


Via their representative Tony Jaa could not do enough to assist us with the initial enquiry work for our 11-day tour and then the subsequent work that was required to rejig our arrangements due to a bereavement in the family of one of our group.

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Nom banh chok is one kind of noodles which is often sold by the vendor in the morning. The image of...
Khmer Shadow Theater
Khmer Shadow Theater is divided into two forms: Sbeik Thom and Sbeik Toot. While Sbeik Thom uses...
Cambodia Water Festival
In Cambodia, Water Festival is the most sparkling traditional festival. Spelt in the original Khmer...
Thing to Do in Cambodia
Cambodia - the beautiful land of amazing and magnificent temples and towers with hundred years of...
Visa to Cambodia
All visitors from ASEAN countries except for Myanmar do not require a visa to visit Cambodia....
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