Do and Should Not Do in Cambodia

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As you travel to another country for the first time, may you make some unexpected mistakes which, perhaps, leave you a little bit of 'culture shock'. To sweep away those annoying feelings, we have listed below Dos and Don'ts Things to ensure that you will have completely a phenomenal experience on the tour we offer.

What should do

Show respect to people especially the elders.

Remove shoes and hats before entering the worship area.

Turn off mobile phones and MP3 players.

Dress modestly by wearing long pants and covering your shoulders.

Be mindful when communicate with the opposite sex.

Hide feet beneath when seating on the ground.

What should not do

Never touch Cambodian on the head, even children.

Never raise your feet higher than someone’s head.

Do not use left hand to touch, eat, or hand someone something.

Do not point at someone with index finger.

Woman should never touch a monk or hand anything to them.

Do not eat or snack around the monks because they are not allowed to eat in the afternoon.

Avoid loud or disrespectful conversation inside of temples.

Do not touch a Buddha statue and ask for permission before taking photos.

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