Cambodian In Daily Life

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Costume is various among different people from different social classes. The most interesting thing is that color of clothes changed under a rule. From Monday to Sunday, Cambodian's color of clothes will follow this order: light yellow, green, grey, blue, dark green and red.

Most of Cambodians tend to dress quite casually except for going to some formal events. Men often wear short-sleeved shirts made from cotton or silk and cotton trousers in light color. Cambodian women often wear loose fitting tops and a sarong which is delicately embroidered with silver or gold and along with a checked craft called “krama”. The “krama” is the element which makes Cambodian different from their neighbor – Thailand. Cambodian wears “krama” at aim of protecting themselves from sunshine, their feet when climbing trees, making a hammock for infants or towel. Sarong can be worn in different ways depending on their social classes. The typical sarong is often worn by men and women of poorer class. It measures in the region about one and a half meters both ends are sewn together. To secure it on the waits, there is a tied metal belt.

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