Cambodian In Religious Rituals

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Since traditions of Cambodia have been strongly influenced by Hindu religion, Khmer have taken dancing and singing as a part of religious rituals for a long time. For the holy traditions, Khmer have special and gorgeous costumes.

Traditionally, women often wear a rose above the right ear and a phuong on the left side of the crown. The “phuong” is often made from three types of flower namely Jasmine, Rose and Michelia. However, these flowers could be replaced today due to the lack of availability. Men wear more complex costumes than women which include pieces; sleeves (have to be sewn while the character is being dressed).  Also clothed in sampot sarabap like women, however men wear in a different way (chang kben style). His front is pleated and pulled under and stuck between the legs, then tuck in back and left over length of the pleat is stitched to the sampot itself to form a draping fan in the back. Men’s knee length pants are often delicately embroidered around the knee while long sleeve shirts rich embroidered with collar around the neck. Men’s costumes looks elaborately with a strap made from gold and silver colored silk around their bodies.

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