Quick Facts:

  • Location: Situated southwest of Royal city of Phnom Penh of Kingdom of Cambodia, accessed by the National Road No 3 from Phnom Penh via Kampot province (173 km) or by the National Road No 2 from Phnom Penh via Takeo province.
  • Status: Cambodia's most popular beach town
  • Population: 40,280
  • Area: 336 km2
  • Religions: Theravada Buddhism
  • Magnificent views of the mountains and the beaches.
  • Friendly people

Back to 1960s, Kep was a famous coastal city, was a highlight destination during holidays for tourists with its stunning beaches and luxury villas. Today, those villas have been worn and stay in wrecked and decayed condition. However, it might be a good thing to Kep since it has become a fresh and calm place, yet still an attractive stop without those delight villas.

Being in Kep, visitors should spend some time on relaxing and resting on some islands in Kep such as: Koh Svay, Koh Tbal, Koh Pau and Koh Tunsay (Rabbit Island). Rabbit Island is 20 minutes away from the city center by train. You can totally relax in this land with no car sound, noise, and vendor, just you and the sea. There will be no one trying to sell you souvenirs or offering to guide you around the town. It is just life as it has been always being.

In Kep, bungalows, villas, guesthouses, and hotels are situated on the hillside and the beaches with the comprehensive views are guaranteed. The charm of this coastal resort reflects in its peacefulness, standard seafood and the friendly locals. There are a lot of attractions in Kep Province, some are listed below:

Veal Lumher is an ideal stop thanks for its quiet scenery and calm atmosphere, located in Kep Village of Kep Commune. The land has become one of the most favorite destinations for the tourists who desire to spend a few days far away from the crowded and dynamic cities. Once you arrive here, you will have a rare chance to witness one of the most beautiful sights in Cambodia.

Lying 14 km away from Kampot town, Phnom Sar Sear is known as a natual and cultural resort, including the three smalls mountains with a height of 40 meters. As you drop by this land, do not forget to walk over the two famed cave of Phnom Ach Pro Chiev and Phnom Dam Rey Sar to find out a valuable architecture of Viel Sre.

The Teuk Chhou Zoo is located 2.5 km away from the Kampot in Thmei Village in the Prey Thom Commune. The zoo is home to a variety of animal and plant species.

Also, Koh Ton Say is natural resort located in southeastern Kep town. The resort has two beaches which are suitable to enjoy swimming.

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