Quick Facts:

  • Location: In the southwest of Cambodia
  • Area: 3,563
  • Population: 39,186 (in 2009)
  • Notable characteristics: Ancient Temples and Natural Preserve sites.

Takeo (or known as Takeo in Cambodian) is located in the Southwest of Cambodia. Province's capital is also called Takeo. In Cambodian, this name literally means 'crystal grandfather'. The name of Takeo often refers to the Cambodian civilization and several prominent pre-historic Angkor sites which date back from the 5th to 8th century. This place is an ideal place for natural and man-created beauty including the Scenic River, lakes and ancient buildings.

Only 87 km far from Phnom Penh, the town is easily reached through the National Road No. 2. This is a place which possesses hundreds interesting sights of its own. Because of small distance and convenient road from Phnom Penh, this place is highly recommended to visit. Take a grab on famous temples there if you are attached to ancient and religious architecture. There are a wide range of temples for you to see. Among them, the most popular and prominent building is Neang Khmao temple placing base in the Rovieng commune, about 27 km north of Takeo provincial town. The temple was built under the reign of King Jayavarman IV in the 10th century and dedicated to Brahmanism. It was designed in the style if Koh Ker and constructed of sandstone and brick, consisting of three temples inside. However, because of time fierce, only two among them are standing and both of these temples are suffering from damage. Besides, Chup Pol (or Chu Pol) Temple is certainly worth a visit on your tour to Takeo. It is a historical and cultural site of the province. The temple is situated in the Doun Peaeng Village which is not more than 3 kilometers far from the provincial town. In addition, other temples like Ta Prohm, Wat Phnom, Khliang Yeay Pov are should not be missed.

In terms of natural and wildlife preserve, Takeo treasures a lot of sites for tourists to explore. One of the well-known sites in the list is Chruos Phaork. It is a scenic and beautiful preserve sites in the Pou Village, about 44 kilometers from the provincial town. In this site, vibrant and colorful flowers are blooming while rare plants and precious species of insects and birds are living. The zoo of Phnom Ta Mao is situated in Tro Pang Sap Village. Actually, this site is a complex of temples, mountains and natural preserve sites occupying an area of 2,500 hectares. On this land, 1,200 hectares are given for trees planning and 70 hectares for the zoo. The rest will be contributed to forest-protected area. The zoo is home for 84 species of birds, quadrupeds and reptiles. Big animals like elephants, lions, tigers and bears are found in this zoo. If you are looking a picnic nearby lakeside, Tonle Bati is an excellent place to go. It consists of bamboo shacks which are available for visitors to rent for eating out.

Enjoying convenient transfers from the capital city and beauty spots of nature and man-made works, Takeo province is an interesting place to discover. This is can be considered a pleasantly tourist place of Cambodia.

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