Stung Treng

Quick Facts:

  • Location: In north of Cambodia, on a high sandy bank overlooking the Mekong River, along the National Highway 7, about 400 km from Phnom Penh and 50 km south of the Laos border
  • Status: The important trade hub
  • Population: 29,665
  • Religions: Buddhism
  • A beautiful place with some historical value

Located in the western part of Virachey National Park, Stung Treng is a small and pretty town on the bank of Mekong River. Stung Treng is only 50 kilometers far from Laos border, therefore, its population is a mix of Khmer and Lao people. Not owning palatial Angkor Temples as Siem Reap or white sand beaches as Sihanoukville, Stung Treng still has its own charm which will keep tourists stay for a while.

Stung Treng is a quite small town so you can walk around and explore the town. Stung Treng owns beautiful riverside settings. You will have relaxing time sitting on the river bank, enjoying romantic scenery of sunset or sunrise over the beautiful landscape. It is great to savor a traditional Cambodia meal with a bottle of Angkor Beer in hand on the riverbank.

In Stung Treng, there is a national wildlife sanctuary of many kinds of rare animals and plants. Trekking through tropical forests, listening to wild bird singing the song of nature, feeling the fresh air will help tourists release stress of your usual lives.

Stung Treng also owns some ancient Angkor Temples of Preah Ko. Built in the 8th century by King Jayavarman II to honor member of his royal family, Preah Ko represents pre-Angkorian architecture with delicate carvings.

Coming to Stung Treng, tourists can join in Mekong River Trail to enjoy the beauty of river as well as see critically endangered Mekong River Dolphins and experience some poor but hospitable river communities.

Despite the lack of rugged mountain, Stung Treng owns breathtaking waterfall of Bou Sra. Being there, you may feel like stepping into the world in heroic epics of wild, fierce and spectacular nature with torrential flow of water pouring down from rough rocks.

Overall, with beautiful landscapes of river, streams, and green forest, Stung Treng will give tourists great chance to enjoy and explore the beautiful nature of Cambodia.

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