Old market, Siem-Reap

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Situated in the center of town, Old Market (Psah Chas) is a highlight of the journey to explore Siem Reap. As its name, Old Market is one of the oldest markets in Siem Reap and a part of the traditional culture of the local people.

It's not hard to ask the way to the Old Market. Extending from the river across to the night markets on Sivutha Blvd, which is currently the entertainment and shopping center at night of town, The Old Market consists of the famous Pub Street alleys and the Night Markets where provides the varied items such as clothing, housewares, jewelry, spices, souvenirs, curios and so on. It can be said visitors can find whatever they need when visiting The Old Market. If you enjoy the cuisine of Cambodia,on Street 9northern side of the market having a series ofinexpensive cafe stalls in the friendly local atmosphere where serving Cambodian food with the traditional taste.

The Old Market is awell-known attraction for tourists so the bustling and excitement always take place in here. The sellers are mainly women (very few men) and that is also one of the reasons why goods in The Old Market are not really easy to bargain. However, the stalls are still crowded because almost all visitors want to buy something from Cambodia to bring back their home for the beloved one. Therefore, The Old Market is always noisy with the sounds of haggling, negotiation, gossip and laughter. The handmade bracelets will be the ideal suggestion for your budget, just $2-3 per one.

Visiting The Old Marketwill bring to you many wonderful experiences about the life and culture of the Cambodian locals more than a normal shopping trip. Let come and explore!

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