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Constructed in the late ninth century under the reign of Indravarman I, The Roluos group consisting of three temples Bakong, Lolei and Preah Ko is known as the first structure of the glorious Angkor Wat Empire in the ancient Roluos capital, representing the start of the unique classical architecture and art in Cambodia.

Overall, like most of the ancient relics of the Angkor Wat , three temples have the consistency in architecture, design, decoration with square-shaped towers on pedestals supported by octagonal pillars and use sandstone or laterite as the main material. The inside artifacts include the Hindu god Visnu on his Garuda mountain, a monster head named Kala, female statues with jewelry, and a preponderance of guardians and Apsaras. According to the archaeologists and historians, decoration on the walls and lintels of The Roluos group is evaluated as “the most beautiful of all Khmer art”.

In The Roluos complex, The Bakong in pyramid- shape was built to represent the sacred Mount Meru where is considered the center of the universe. Untill now, a Buddhist monastery owned by The Bakong is still in operation.

The Lolei is an island temple, situated on a small island floating on the water, and represents sacred territory of the gods according to Hindu mythology. It encompasses four brick towers gathering together on a courtyard, each of them worships one ancestor of The King Yasovarman I.

The Preah Ko also known as Sacred Bull is the last structure in The Roluos group. There are three statues of sandstone representing the white bull Nandi, faithful servant of Shiva along with six brick towers arranged in two lines symmetrically. As same as The Lolei, Preah Ko was constructed to tribute The King’s ancestors.

Coming to the Roluos group, travelers will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful of classical Khmer architecture as well as learn more about the history of the Angkor Period.

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