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Cambodia is one of Southeast Asian countries was most severely affected by war. The traces of these arduous years have still existed until now. Civil War Museum in Siem Reap is the place that you can see what the rest of the war and listen to the true story of the witnesses.

Situated near the road to the airport, War Museum consists of artifacts collected from the long lasting Cambodian war against the Khmer Rouge such as rusty helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles along with some kinds of heavy weaponry like mortars, howitzers, anti-aircraft guns and so on. They were mainly produced from the Soviet Union and transported to Cambodia from Vietnam troops. The main material used is iron so they minimize the effects of decomposition in tropical climatic conditions. A fake minefield, which is arranged safely but still cause thrill for travelers, shows a scary part in the lives of people in Cambodia during and after the war. Danger always stalks them and leaves the unfortunate consequences. The amputees who were affected by war live everywhere in the town and neighboring areas.

War Museum is now managed by a man who was forced to join the Khmer Rouge military and trained as lay landmines. After being freed in 1985 thanks to The Vietnamese-installed government, he used his knowledge and ability in order to help the people in areas where hide the risk from landmines. His name is Akira and he is always ready to guide and introduce about the museum for visitors with the capacity as a witness of the Khmer Rouge war.

The entrance fee of War Museum is free. However, voluntary donations are always appreciated and contribute to the conservation of valuable historical value of Cambodia as well as the world for the next generations. War Museum is a door leading to the painful and heroic past of Cambodia.

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