Preah Ang Chom and Preah Ang Check, Siem-Reap

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Royal Gardens, National Road No 6
  • Entrance Fee: Donation
  • Opening Hours: Anytime

Referring to Siem Reap city, Cambodia, nobody can ignore the famous temple with a long name: Preah Ang Chom & Preah Ang Check. The temple is named after two princesses of the ancient Angkor kingdom.

Situated in the south of the Royal Garden, The Shrine Preah Ang Check and Preah Ang Chom is one of the most sacred temples in Siem Reap, attracting countless pilgrims each year to contemplate the black bronze statues of two sisters in the middle of the main shrine. The taller, skinnier image is the princess Preah Ang Check. When Cambodia suffered the foreign aggression and domination, because of concerns the invaders destroying two statues, Cambodian monks hid them and changed constantly hiding place that no one knew. In 1990, two statues were transferred to current temple safely. Moreover, another statue of Preah Ang Chom Princess was found in 1995 but not publicly exhibited. Temple also possesses many ancient bronze statues, many of which are objects found in the famous Angkor Wat.

Although no large-scale, the temple is always crowded visitors. The Cambodian people believe that the two princesses will bring them good luck by burning three incense sticks in front of main temples, dedicating lotus or jasmine and washing hands, two feet of statues in the holy water. Before leaving the temple, the devotees are also blessed and sprinkled of holy water by monks.

With the great spiritual values,The Shrine Preah Ang Check and Preah Ang Chom is not only a sacred place of worship but also a sense of pride in the culture and religion of Siem Reap city.

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