Ta Prohm, Siem-Reap

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Belongs to the relic complex Angkor, Ta Prohm currently has become one of attractions not to be missed. Over many centuries immersed in oblivion, at the beginning of the 20th century, once again it is awake and come to light along with the precious values of Khmer culture, art and history.

Built in 1189 by The King Jayavarman VII for the purpose of honoring and worshiping the royal family, Ta Prohm is one of the first completed temples in the Angkor complex. It has an area of 650,000 m2 in the Bayon style. An enormous amount of property was used as the construction fund. Even tocommemorate mother- The Queen Jayarajachudanami, The King Jayavarman VII ordered to construct a sacred tomb inside 4 stone walls encrusted with diamonds. However, because of attacks by the Burmese and Siamese army in the late 13th century, the temple was ruined and a large number of artifacts inside were taken away by Siamese troops, including diamonds in the tomb. 

Nowadays,the time dresses up thousand-year-old Ta Prohm a new appearance. The giant roots of banyan, kapok and ficus religiosa trees have strongly grown, extended and pierced the walls. They wrap each other, twist on the stone columns and cover up the temple a charming and haunting beauty. Almost all structures outside the walls are dilapidated by trees, only the church towers inside are still intact. This feature is the greatest appeal of the temple which attracts a large number of visitors every year and is also the reason that the Hollywood film crew often choosing Ta Prohm as the context for the fiction movies.
Ta Prohm temple is really an ideal destination if you want to admire the traditional Khmer architecture and discover the mysterious history of the ancient Angkor Empire.

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